Sis, this could be you

✓ eat mindfully

✓ stick to your  meal plan  

✓  love + accept your body 

✓  be your word 

✓  prioritize your wellness 


BUT IT'S NOT . . .

Sis, this could be you:

✓ eat mindfully
✓ stick to your meal plan 
✓ love and accept your body
✓ be your word
✓ prioritize your wellness 

In 90 secs let me share how it can be you


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Aren't you tired of

➔ Carrying extra emotional weight?
➔ Eating habits that weigh you down?
➔ Being uncomfortable in your body?

➔ Not making time to nourish yourself well?

If you answered YES, then I'm really glad you're here.
You see I was like you. I emotionally ate and overate for years.
I was stuck on the roller coaster of weight loss.
I was uncomfortable in my skin and I always gave into my cravings.
I needed all the help getting back on track especially when life was tempting me with my favorite snack!  

You may be thinking

"Girl, I've tried to change my eating habits and lose weight, so how is this different?"


You didn't try this!

Your past attempts failed because you started with the wrong thing.

You started with the food on your plate but you didn't deal with the real weight.   

In the Mindful Nutrition School we get to the root of your eating habits by asking one simple question . . . 

"What's eating you?" 

Deal with your Emotions

Making peace is a requirement in the emotional weight loss process.  All the exercise in the world won't shed that last 10 lbs, but forgiveness and a lighter heart will.

Change your Mindset

You've been talking down to yourself. Your self-talk isn't the friendliest. But your body has ears and she hears everything you say. We're gonna upgrade the convo you have with the woman in the mirror.

Detox your Habits

You're not required to lift weights, endure impossible yoga poses, eat kale and quinoa...unless you want to. Instead you'll detox the thoughts and feelings that lead to emotional, stress, boredom, over and avoidant eating.

Love your Relationship with Food

You'll be able to choose enjoyable meals and eat what you love without taking a cheat day. 

Love fried foods? Love pasta? Love your mama's famous recipe? The one you told yourself you couldn't eat.  Well it doesn't have to be off limits. I'll teach you how to eat your favorite foods; mindfully.

Decolonize your Diet

Colonialism, Capitalism and its constructs have affected what we eat, how we eat and even why we eat.  Whether your like it or not, your diet and your relationship with your body has been impacted by this. 

This isn't about fighting "The Man". It's about designing a plan that includes liberating your plate so your wellness can be great.

Transform your Body

Your body knows how to reset itself, kinda like your cell phone, but better!

This is not about weight loss.

It's about lightening your life load and gifting your body proper nutrition, mindful eating coaching, habit building and mindset training so your body is balanced making way for YOU to  EXPERIENCE TRANSFORMATION.

What's the difference between

Dieting and Mindful Nutrition?

The Old Way:

➔ Diet, Diet, and Diet some more

➔ Do a bunch of math to figure out what to eat (count calories, add points, etc)

➔ Avoid "Bad" foods and eat "Good" foods.

➔ Believe that your cultural foods are unhealthy

➔ Think that the "health experts" have the answers

➔ Force yourself into a routine for the sake of "health"

➔ Give up, gain weight and start all over next month

The Mindful Nutrition Way:

➔ Do the emotional work to get to the root of cravings

➔ Eat when you're hungry. Stop when you're full.

➔ Release old behavior patterns and embrace new ways of thinking about food

➔ Center your culture and ancestral foodways

➔ Trust your Self and your body's innate wisdom

➔ Align your daily habits with how you want to feel

➔ Enjoy your results.

Here's how it worked for them ...


I can now identify my triggers and consciously aware of them. And now I can find an alternative for snacks instead of reaching for potato chips.


I lost the weight of shame, disgust and being disconnected. I became intentional about what I ate and created a body that I honor by feeding it food that's natural, whereas before I ate whatever was convenient. 




I now eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full. Whereas before I ate my emotions. I'm now the woman I put on my vision board, I no longer wish to  be her....I am her.


I lost 25 pounds and it was the easiest weight I ever lost. I'm so much more conscientious of what I'm eating than ever before.  I'd never lost 25 pounds easily before. There was no stress and I didn't have to do a crazy diet, I just watched what I ate.

In the Mindful Nutrition School you'll:

  • Trust yourself around food and stick to your meal plan with ease.
  • Learn to prioritize yourself . . . and not just others.
  • Actually enjoy what you eat while discovering your perfect portion.
  • Be able to eat out and enjoy your favorite meal with confidence.
  • Master your cravings so they don't end up eating you.
  • Learn how to decolonize your diet
  • Lose weight without the gym, instead of working out, you'll work in.

Let's take a look at what's inside

Group Coaching

Regular community weigh ins and group coaching to share your progress like what weight (emotional, mental, physical) you lost and what insights you gained.

Mindful Meal Meditations 

Virtual meditations centered around food where you practice mindfulness, decolonizing your diet and upgrading your eating habits. 

Pantry Makeovers 

Wanna elevate your ingredients? These sessions help you makeover your favorite foods and recipes and find substitutes for the things you love to eat. 

Ask a Coach

In a bind? Stuck in your feelings? About to emotionally eat and need to be walked back from the ledge? Ask a coach and get assistance.

Emotional Eating Discovery Sessions

Ready to lose emotional weight? Let's start with your plate. In these virtual sessions you release emotional attachment to food and address emotional eating behaviors. 

Book Club (Mar 2024)

Join us for geeked out deep dives on the latest in health and wellness. Books chosen every 3 months.

L.I.V.E. Cooking Classes (Jan 2024)

Learn how to eat to L.I.V.E. in these virtual cooking classes, filled with satisfying, culturally relevant, plant-based recipes.

Accountability Partners (Jan 2024)

This works so much better with a friend! Meal plan together, cook, share recipes, hold each other accountable and stay motivated. 

* PLUS *

BONUSES to ensure you experience true transformation

Recipe Library

Get access to flavorful, delicious, plant-based recipes rooted in the African Diaspora.

D.E.T.O.X. Course

Take the course at your own pace and apply the mindful nutrition principles that will better your relationship with food and transform your body.

Here's what's included in
The Mindful Nutrition School

With this membership you'll get:

1. Weekly Group Coaching (Value $1200/month)

2. Mindset, Routine and Nutrition Training (Value $1,000/month)

3. Community (Priceless)

4.  Confidence and Clarity (Priceless)

5. L.I.V.E. Cooking Classes (Value $150/month)

6. BONUS! Recipe Library (Value $500)

7. BONUS! THE D.E.T.O.X. Course (Value $1500)

  Total Value = ($4350)  




Monthly Payment + One Time $289 Joining Fee


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Are you ready to to transform?

Intentional mindset, mindful meal planning and a community of support. 

I'll see you on the inside!

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