Hey, I'm Shelley Chapman, EdM,

your Mindful Nutrition Coach  

Here's my Story.


Death. Divorce. Abortion.   

Oooh that's a lot! I know we just met, but if we're gonna work together, I need you to know how I got here. I'll get into that story in a bit, but first let me give you the professional bits.

I'm a transformation specialist and psychologist by training. I earned my Master's degree from Harvard University in Human Development and Psychology and my Bachelor's in Psychology from Spelman College.

Mindful Nutrition is about habits and the psychology of eating.  We change our habits by forming new neural connections.

When we work together, I'll teach you how to use the power of your mind to shape the habits that will sustain healthy eating habits.

I’m a Mindful Eating Educator and Coach 

I’ve been teaching for 18 years.  I’ve taught K-12. I’ve given lectures at Universities and trained both corporate and non-profit teams. I've served as Queen Afua's personal assistant and learned about natural healing. And now I teach, train and coach at the Mindful Nutrition School.

I understand how to take students from point A to point Z. Changing your eating habits is all about going from point A to point Z.

And last but not least, I’m a Foodie and Recipe Creator.

I’ve worked with Food Network, I’m a member of the New York Women’s Culinary Alliance and I’ve been featured on Dr. Oz twice.  I also host a cooking show on YouTube called The Mindful Plate. 

I know how to transform ingredients from blah to BAM! Mindful Nutrition is all about eating foods you love, not foods your abhor or merely tolerate for the sake of "being healthy". 






Back to Death, Divorce and Abortion.


I used to be overweight. 

When I decided to change my habits for good, I began to consider that every single pound on my body had a story behind it.

One of the ways we humans make sense of our lives is through stories.  

I told myself a bunch of stories to create understanding and meaning when life wasn't making sense. 

Some of those stories were of my own creation and some were passed down to me.

Some of those stories held me prisoner because of the feelings they generated when I told them.  

So instead of telling my stories, I ate them.

Eating my stories kept me overweight, in shame and in hiding.

But when I began Mindful Nutrition .... it revealed those stories and brought them to the surface.

As a result, I was able to release the weight attached to those stories and thus release the weight from my body.

How much weight you ask?

60 pounds.



On my previous journeys to lose weight,

I always went outside. Trying a new diet, following someone else's advice, getting a gym membership, etc. 

That never worked.

So when my life hit rock bottom, I decided to go inside. . .to my inner world.

And that’s where I discovered Mindful Nutrition  . . .inside.

Once inside I met parts of me that were still holding onto past resentments, hurts, pains, disappointments, frustrations, fears and parts of me that were silenced, doubted and hidden.


Here's what I found!



Because I lacked the tools at the time to cope and make understanding, as a teenager, I downed my sadness in Oreos and Cheetos during my parent’s divorce.  That was the start of my emotional eating.  Mindful Nutrition had me revisit that time and begin the healing process of my internalized feelings of shame, hurt, abandonment and resentment.



I was once in a relationship with an abusive man.  During sex, our protection slipped off, and while he knew the moment it happened, I was unaware and he didn’t tell me.  From that moment, my consent was taken away, my life was changed forever and I became pregnant. That pregnancy turned into a medically threatened miscarriage and I chose to have an abortion.  Afterwards, I experienced an 8 month depression and emptiness in which I ate to fill the holes in my soul.



... on not 1 but 2 homes.

I bought my first rental property when I was 26 and my 1st home when I was 28. In 2012 in the fallout of the 2008 financial crisis, I lost both of them. 


Losing a $300,000 investment 

....followed by


.... and then...

My Daddy Died 


Within the same week of foreclosure, losing my investment and bankruptcy . . . my father died.  

When it rains, it pours.

Now at this point, I knew that there was no amount of food that would bring my father back.   

I had a choice!


I could eat myself into a hole like I'd done in the past

. . . . . . . . . . . or . . . . . . . . .

I could nurture, nourish and transform my whole.


I made a conscious decision NOT to emotionally eat and for the first time in my adult life, I decided to deal and ultimately heal . . . and that was the start of Mindful Nutrition.


I chose to nurture my whole and I transformed!   I released 60 pounds, dropped 4 dress sizes and maintained my natural weight and mindful eating habits for good. 


Now you may or may not have the same experiences . . .but . . . you know what it's like to carry extra weight. 

Your weight has its own story. 

I’m sharing with you the weight of my story, because I want you to know that the changes you seek to make in your eating habits and ultimately your life are possible for you.

I lost physical and emotional weight by detoxing the experiences of  Divorce, being in an Abusive Relationship, having an Abortion, experiencing Depression, going through Foreclosure, Losing Money, being financially and emotionally Bankrupt and the Death of my Father.

Each of those alone are enough reason to emotionally eat and overeat, but with the grace of God and through Mindful Nutrition, I transformed.

And you can rewrite your story and experience transformation too.

This is my transformation: I come to you whole, giving thanks for my holes.

I share the journey with you over on The Mindful Plate, my YouTube channel where you'll find me cooking, dishing out mindful eating tips and feasting and showcasing the edible bounty of God's good green Earth!  

And I founded The Mindful Nutrition School, where I  teach my signature course, The D.E.T.O.X. method + Eat to L.I.V.E. meal plan with delicious recipes,  coach women like you through the process and share the principles and practices to help you become the whole version of yourself (not just your holes), starting with your relationship with food.

Thanks for reading my story. Are you ready to rewrite yours? Let's do it together! Click here. 


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