Lose weight without the gym

Instead of working out . . .


What if you worked in?

Lose weight without the gym. 

Instead of working out . . .

What if you worked in?

"Have you been struggling with your eating habits, mindset and food?"

Let's end that here.

Sign up to Stop Emotional Eating and Overeating for good. 

Do you secretly have these thoughts?

Why can't I stop at enough?
I just need more discipline...I want to eat everything I see.
I hate quinoa, but I eat it because it's "healthy".
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healthy food on table

Guess what? You're not alone!

If your mood dictates your food, The Mindful Nutrition School is for you.

It's not just about what you ate it's also taking into consideration all the things on your life plate -behavior patterns, limiting beliefs, habits, mindset, daily routine and meal planning... or lack of *wink*

(Yep, I'm calling you in)

Tell Me More

Hey there,

I'm Shelley, your Mindful Nutrition coach. 
I know what it's like to eat my feelings, stuff my face and tell myself I'll start again on Monday.

After being overweight, battling with my body image and struggling with eating habits for years, I finally got it together.  


I stopped emotionally eating. I stopped quitting on myself. And I started keeping my word.

In one year, I lost 60 pounds and KEPT IT OFF by dealing with my emotional urges to eat, decolonizing my diet, eating foods I enjoy, mindfully eating my portions and listening to my body.

Here's my story.
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Here are 3 ways to change your


eating habits

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Let me help you  

In 10 days, you can upgrade your eating habits, eat what you truly love and meet a version of you that actually stops at enough.


No need to step foot in a gym. Everything you need, is already in. Sign up and I'll teach you how.
Yes Please!

"Yes, I'm ready"

Show me how.

I'm signing up to change my eating habits for good. 


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